Attention: NOTICE TO TOWN OF NORWICH DOG OWNERS DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that New York State Law requires all dogs 4 months of age and older to be licensed? Licensing ensures that all dogs have been properly vaccinated against rabies for the protection of both you and your neighbors. The license also makes it easier to locate the owner of a lost dog when it is found. Any dog harbored at an address for more than 30 days must be licensed. How do I license my dog? Licensing your dog is easy!            ♦You can come to the Town Clerk’s Office with current rabies certificate and payment, or print out a Dog Licensing Form found on our website at Simply follow the directions and return the completed form, required documentation, and payment by mail or in person to the Norwich Town Clerk’s Office located at 157 County Road 32A.  ♦ Fee: $7 Spayed/neutered, $14 not spayed/neutered ♦Every year we will mail you a renewal license for your convenience. ♦Any dog found to be unlicensed will be subject to an appearance ticket and a fine. ♦You may view the Town’s Local Dog Licensing Law on the website. The Dog Control Officer (DCO) is appointed by the Town to assist in the enforcement of NYS Dept. of Ag & Markets Article 7: Licensing, Identification and Control of Dogs and local laws. The DCO is authorized to serve appearance tickets when violations of Article 7 or local laws have been committed. Any person who observes a dog in violation of these laws may file a complaint with the DCO. Any dog running loose may be picked up by the DCO and transported to the Chenango County SPCA, resulting in an additional fee charged to the owner by the SPCA prior to the dog’s release.          For more information, contact the Town Clerk Phone: 607-337-2301      Email: [email protected]

Legal Notice




The Town of Norwich Highway Department is issuing a Request for Proposal for the REPAIR AND RECONSTRUCTION OF APPROXIMATELY ONE MILE SECTION OF UPPER RAVINE RD, IN THE TOWN OF NORWICH, CHENANGO COUNTY, NEW YORK. The road must be upgraded to conform to the “Donovan Plan”.  Roadway must be built and compacted similar to typical modern gravel roadway construction practices accepted and practiced in New York State and those referenced in New York State Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for compaction in sections 203 and 304 for compaction of aggregate applications.


PROPOSALS must be delivered to the office of the Town Clerk, 157 County Road 32A, Norwich NY 13815 no later than 10:00 AM on December 26, 2023, to be considered on time and official.  Any Proposals received after said date shall be rejected.


All Contractors submitting a proposal shall be aware all wages paid to employees working on said project for Town of Norwich Highway Department shall be paid Prevailing Wage Rates.  The successful Contractor shall adhere to all applicable New York State Wage guidelines.  In addition, the successful Contractor shall submit a certified payroll which includes all labor involved with this project prior to final payment by Owner.


The Information for PROPOSALS, Form of Proposal, existing plans, Contractor guidelines and Technical Provisions, Performance and Payment Bond, and other contract documents, may be examined at the following:


            Town of Norwich

            157 County Road 32A

            Norwich NY, 13815



Request for Proposal Documents may be obtained at the Town Clerk’s office 157 County Road 32A, Norwich, New York 13815, between the hours of 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM.


Addenda, if any, will be issued only to those persons whose names and addresses are on record with the Town of Norwich Highway Department, as having obtained the contract documents.



The Town reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, advertise anew, waive technical defects, if in the judgment of the Town it shall be in the best interests of the Town. 


By order of Stanley Foulds,

Supervisor, Town of Norwich.